Giving Tuesday

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you ever participated in Giving Tuesday?

What’s Giving Tuesday?

Excellent question! In the midst of the holiday season, where so much of the activities in our society centers around material possessions, Giving Tuesday is a day to shift our focus onto how we can help others.

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to donate towards a specific organization or fund that serves the community. Here at Mile Straight, we’re focusing our Giving Tuesday efforts on paying off our new children's building or giving to our Change The World campaign.

CHildren's building

We are "Stepping Into The Future"  with our Future Now campaign to reach more kids (and parents) for Christ. We are so close to the completion of our new Children's building.

All donations given specifically for the Children's building on Giving Tuesday will go to pay off the amount borrowed. 

Make A Donation Today!