Thank You Bro. Al Goss!

Bro. Al has been a faithful servant of the Lord's for many, many years. He has served at Mile Straight Baptist Church over 56 years. We would love for you to either video yourself saying something to Bro. Al or leave us a typed message that we can give to him to read. We want these messages to be encouraging to him and the family.

There are two ways to submit something to Bro. Al. You can either leave him a written comment that will be given directly to him or you can video yourself thanking him for his service. The deadline for submission is noon on Friday, May 8.

Ways to submit:

1. Written Letter to Bro. Al - Click Here

2. Video for Bro. Al - Once your video is record, please text them to 423.667.5099. If they are too large, please click here to transfer your video - - and use the email