Pink Flamingo Invasion

March 22 - April 1

How It works

Each night, beginning March 22 through April 1, the flamingo flocks will be placed in bunches in the front yards of the “flamingoes.”  In addition to the birds, a sign will be placed in the yard informing the homeowner that he/she has been “flamingoed” with instructions on having the birds removed.  Each homeowner will have the opportunity to make a donation to the Mile Straight Student Ministry in order to have the birds removed the following evening.

suggested donation amounts

  • $25 to send the birds to a specific homeowner.
  • $20 to have the birds removed from your yard.
  • $30 to have the birds removed and have control over where they go next.
  • $45 to have the birds placed in the yard of someone who has already been flamingoed.
  • $50 to have the birds placed in the yard of one of our church staff members (Al Goss, Gary Dillow, Van Ferguson, Mickey Rector, Jason Sneed, David Sneed)
  • $100 to have the birds placed in the yard of Pastor Tom Goss

Respect of private property

While we want to have fun and encourage some good-natured ribbing and competition between Mile Straight regulars, families and friends; we will respect the rights of homeowners to control what happens on their property.   We will not place flamingos in the yard of anyone who asks us to refrain from doing so ahead of time, whether or not they have purchased “flamingo insurance."

In addition, if we have placed flamingos in the yard of someone who does not want them, we will promptly remove

them upon request at no charge. 

Who can you flamingo?

It's a great way to have fun and at the same time let others know about Mile Straight! In addition to other Woodlawn regulars, flamingo your neighbors, co-workers and friends (who have a sense of humor)!

It's easy to place your order for flamingos or get flaming insurance online!